Saucy Sampler

A little bump & grind, a little striptease, some flirting with boas. This class will give you a quick overview of all things burlesque and still get you in your seat in time for the show to start!   Drop-In
Feb. 11, 2017, 7 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Crispus Attucks
Feb. 12, 2017, 7 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Crispus Attucks

About the Teacher - B.A.B.E.

The Boston Academy of Burlesque Education (or B.A.B.E. for short) is the educational arm of The Boston Babydolls. We offer a wide variety of classes and workshops in many different burlesque skills and burlesque-related arts. Our classes offer something for everyone, whether you're an experienced dancer looking to add something new to your repertoire or if you've never danced before.

Staff Lead - Miss Mina Murray

About the Teacher - Auralie Wilde

Educated at a quaint university in the cornfields of Iowa, Auralie Wilde grew up in an affluent Midwestern family. Active in the dance and musical theatre community, she tittilated audiences as the bubbly, virginal star of the show. Worldly and well educated, Auralie is known for her sharp tongue and quick wit. What her teachers didn't know was that while they were admiring the shiny red apple she had given them, Miss Wilde was perfecting the art of the tease. Giving up her corn palace and Pork Princess title, Auralie Wilde decided to follow her grittier side to concrete pastures. She sold her sense of propriety for a one way ticket to New York City and hasn't looked back.