The Main Event 2018

It's a burlesque battle royale as performers from all over the world compete for fame and fortune! The annual Howard Awards for burlesque excellence may be given out in these categories:

  • Best Solo Performance
  • Best Group Performance
  • Best Hybrid
  • Most Classic
  • Most Beautiful
  • Most Humorous

Performances are judged by the current Howard Award winners, alongside special guest judge Miss Mina Murray.


Jan. 6, 2018, 8 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Special Guests

Hosted by...

Miss Mina Murray

After the job market for glamourous archaeologists dried up, Miss Mina Murray abandoned her Ivory Tower and turn to the art of the striptease. She is a co-founder of The Bost… (more)

Hosted by...

Mr. Scratch

Scratch is the founding chair of The Great Burlesque Exposition, the director and producer of BeauTease Burlesque (formerly The Boston Babydolls), and the Curator of (more)


UmA ShAdow

International multi award-winning Boylesque Dancer