Why Sponsor?


The Great Burlesque Exposition is the largest of The Professional Burlesque Society's activities.  More than just an exciting weekend of shows, classes, shopping, and life-changing friendships, the BurlExpo is also our largest and most essential fundraiser.  Monies raised from the festival make the other good works that P.B.S. does – like the American Burlesque Collection, our education program, and more – possible the rest of the year.  Our attendees know that, and are grateful to those good folks who sponsor us.

While most of our sponsors are businesses who want to get their name in front of a group of enthusiastic and discerning burlesque aficianados, many sponsors are simply people with a personal connection to burlesque – fans, performers and troupes, and even relatives of burlesque legends. 

Opportunites for Everyone

We know that one-size doesn't fit all when it comes to budgets, and we're delighted to introduce an initiative to allow more individuals and small businesses get their message out through the Great Burlesque Exposition.  Of course, if you have a generous budget to spend, we're happy to work with you on something glamorous, sparkling, and suitable. Some opportunites include:

  • Presenting sponsorships
  • Specific event sponsorships
  • Backstage Hospitality
  • On-site banners and advertising
  • Conference and Educational Sponsorships
  • In-kind sponsorships for Gift Bags
  • Badge sponsorships
  • …and more!

Personal Connections

For many of us, our time in burlesque has brought us close to some extraordinary people who may have literally changed our lives.  For some it's a teacher, for some a troupe mate or director, some of us have even met the love of our lives through burlesque.  Acknowledge someone (or a group of someones!) who have made a difference in your life or show your pride in your hometown or troupe.  Personal dedications are available for only $50.00 and consist of ads in the show guide and on our website and a projected slide dedication during one of the shows.

For More Information

You can read all about the benefits of sponsoring the 2024 Great Burlesque Exposition in our Sponsorship Guide.  Once you have, email us or call (617) 869-2000 to start supporting the most bewitching burlesque event of the year!