Volunteer Opportunities

The BurlExpo is a crazy quilt of talent and effort from people all over the world.  The people who make The BurlExpo go are people just like you -- and, in fact, could even be you.  If you want to join the coolest team in the whole burlesqueverse, read on! 

Below is a list of some of our unusual and oddball volunteer opportunities, along with their requirements.  These are by no means the only things we need volunteers for at BurlExpo14.  We also need friendly folks at the registration desk, technical folks to help set up and run the shows, helpful folks to be ushers and security staff, and more.  

Volunteer shifts come in two flavors, those that require approval and those that don't.  Signing up for a shift that doesn't require approval is easy as clicking on the shift and you're signed up. If you can see a shift, then you can sign up for it.  Full shifts don't show up.  If it turns out later that you don't want to be signed up for that shift, you can click again to un-sign yourself up (but don't just no-show; that's not cool).  Like everything else you sign up for, volunteer shifts will be on your schedule on your Personal Page.

Shifts that require approval are indicated by a little yellow "caution" box.  Click on the shift and the Staff Lead for that area will be notified of your interest.  They may contact you about any special requirements or skills that the shifts may require.


Volunteer Position Job Requirements


One of the things that makes the Great Burlesque Exposition unique is our performance space.  We custom-build a theatre to suit our needs in the hotel ballroom.  We put up our own curtain, lights, eveything! And, of course, at the end of the weekend, we have to take it all down and pack it all up again. 

Build starts late afternoon on Thrusday, Jan. 4.  We typically run until about midnight; Strike starts after the Sunday Showcase on Sunday, Jan. 7.  We're usually done around 1:00 a.m. (and there might be a super-secret, end of the weekend party after that but... shhh).   If you can't be there for all of the fun, we understand.  And you don't have to volunteer for both.

  • Bulid Thursday 9/2/2021, anytime after 3:00pm until about midnight.
  • Strike Sunday 9/5/2021, after the Sunday Showcase
  • A general level of comfort with hand tools and a familiarty with theatre tech is useful but necessary.  This is a great place to learn stuff!
  • This is a physical activity. The ability to lift, carry, climb up a ladder or stairs, and do some fine motor skills all come into play, but not all at once.
  • Wear work clothes; jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, etc.  A lot of the BurlExpo weekend is about glamour.  This part isn't.
  • Absolutely no experience is necessary.  We're happy to teach!


Be part of the few, the proud, the folks who allow people into places where they belong and keep them out of places they don't.

  • Dress fabulously! You want to be noticed.
  • Be polite and helpful
  • Be punctual
  • The ability to be firm without being confrontational.


Lights! Sound! Action! Where would we be without our tech crew? Performing without music in the dark, that's where.  Some experience is helpful, but not necessary.

  • Follow spot operator
  • Sound board engineer
  • Audio Playback
  • Light board operator


Anyone can buy a trophy at a store.  The trophies given at The Great Burlesque Exposition need to scream "Burlesque!" in giant, rhinestoned letters.  We give you a trophy (or a couple of trophies) and a bunch of rhinestones.  You provide the adhesive, creative spark, and patience (and maybe some of your own embellishments). Together, we create a miracle!

  • it helps if you're local and can pick up the stuff, but that's not essential.
  • a love of playing with rhinestones and some experience doing it.
  • your own gluing supplies
  • the trophies have to be on-site by Friday, Jan. 5 at 7 p.m.


Be in the wings during the various shows and events.  Shoot candid pictures and short videos with your phone and plaster the internet with them.  Do your best Lois Lane impersonation and do micro-interviews with performers before and after they hit the stage.

The ShowSpy will get a photographer creidt on any photos they take and post and we're happy to link to your photography page if you have one

  • a smart phone
  • experience posting pictures and videos to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • an eye for photography
  • a sense of discretion.  Some people aren't going to want to be interviewed, some won't want to be photographed.  Use your head, and err on the side of caution.
  • Be aware! You are in the wings of a live show! Do not get in the way of the performers or stage crew!


Be one of The Expositionettes! Work with the fabulous Betty Balize and be in the group number that opens The Main Event on Saturday.  In a tight two hours, you'll learn a gorgeous choreography and get a grounding in Delsarte Technique! 

  • attend a rehearsal/training session during the day on Saturday, Jan. 6
  • be willing to bring some specific costume needs (and to get them if you don't have them)
  • you cannot be competing/performing in The Main Event


Go-go dancers add energy and excitement before and during shows.  The BurlExpo wlecomes go-go dancers of all body types and gender identifications.

  • A flirty sense of fashion
  • A love to move to the groove
  • Good energy


We know there are a ton of people who have never been to the BurlExpo before and who may not necessarily know anyone.  The Green Feather Brigade are people who publically say "Hey! I'm friendly and I know something about the BurlExpo!".  When on duty (which is whenever you want), you wear a stylish green fashion accessory and are happy to stop what you're doing and chat with someone new.  It's a great way to meet folks and to help out at the BurlExpo on your schedule.

  • a friendly disposition
  • some experience at the BurlExpo (that is, you've been here a couple of times before)
  • a willingness to wear a green fashion accessory